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2024-25 Instructional Calendar - DRAFT

Application and Enrollment Timeline

November 12, 2023Inquiry Forms Open, Tours Scheduled
December 1, 2023Early Registration Opens (reserve spot to apply in January)
January 8, 2024Applications Open to Early Registrants
January 31, 2024Application Deadline 1
February 15, 2024Application Deadline 2 (IF NEEDED)
March 1, 2024Enrollment Decisions Sent


1. Spiritual Formation:

ACC Academy is committed to forming Disciples of Jesus. In a modern culture of worldly compromise, confusion, and indoctrination, the regular application of Spiritual education, encounter, and practices will deeply engage our students and staff in the Counter-Cultural Formation of the Way of Jesus.

2. Educational Practices:

ACC Academy is committed to building a community of accomplished educators. In a modern culture of complacency, we will devote ourselves to engaging in ongoing professional learning and proven, high-yield teaching practices infused with Jesus-Centered Zeal.

3. Parent Involvement:

ACC Academy is committed to partnering with parents educationally and spiritually. In a modern culture of ideological compromise and the outsourcing of family discipleship, we aim to develop a community of depth and fidelity to orthodoxy and orthopraxy while building the Multi-Generational Family in the church.

4. Profile of aN Educator:

ACC Academy is committed to establishing and developing a staff culture of love and hospitality. In a modern culture of individualism and injustice, we will serve students and families with Tender-Hearted Compassion.

5. Profile of a Student:

ACC Academy is committed to growing and forming children into individuals who are excited to be with and become more like Jesus. In a modern culture of individualism, immorality, and apathy, our students will face the world with a heart of generosity and Service by gifting their time and talents toward growing themselves and others in the Kingdom of God.

6. Physical Health:

ACC Academy is committed to stewarding God’s gifts to us for his glory, our benefit, and the expansion of his Kingdom. In the modern world of hurry, indulgence, and moral relativism, we will engage in healthy physical education and nutrition practices as a means to Commune with and Worship God with our bodies.

7. Mental/Emotional Health:

ACC Academy is committed to seeking God’s peace in all we do. In a modern culture of anxiety and exhaustion, we will create a space for the Presence of God to enter for the renewing of our Minds.

8. Relational Health:

ACC Academy is committed to developing the body of Christ through the church and school. In a modern culture of fleeting and surface-level social networks, we will nurture true, lasting life change in the context of healthy Community.

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