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At ACC, we believe generosity to be as much a spiritual discipline as it is a financial act.

When we are faithful as a church in bringing the tithe, each of us contributing what God has entrusted us with, we set the stage for God to move powerfully amongst us.

2803 People...

actively engaged in community groups, 1009 of those joined for the first time this year!

122 PEOPle...

publicly proclaimed their faith in Jesus as a part of our Baptism Gatherings

232 children...

raised up in faith week in and week out by our ACC KIDS team

200 students...

regularly attended WAKE, our youth’s monthly gathering, and 130 of those students took part in our winter and summer camps

3036 college students...

faithfully involved in the life of their local church

4500 people...

gathered together to worship Jesus every Sunday here in Auburn, with hundreds of others gathering with us from locations and watch parties all across the state


all this while continually building our future church home at 2200 Hamilton Road

Yet, behind every number is a name, and every name has a story – one that YOU are helping write through faith.


Watch as Iva talks through her testimony and how she has seen the Lord’s faithfulness on display throughout her life! 

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As a church, we believe in bringing the tithe. That’s why each year we set aside ten percent of total giving to be given right back through our outreach programs the following year. You may not have even known it, but each time you gave in 2022, you were stepping into the story God was writing through this church.

You were reaching out to those in need. Clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the destitute.

You rebuilt the houses of your neighbors. You cared for the needs of a single mother. You spurred on the work of a husband and wife on mission in Brussels. You brought food and water to children and their families in Ghana. You purchased stoves for refugees in Ukraine, providing a lifeline to those afflicted by war, put out by their own country.

Of course, this is just a small picture of everything you made possible last year.

See, each time you bring the tithe, it’s not the money you offer that’s moving God’s heart – it’s your faith. And when the people of God come together in faith, miracles happen, mountains move, and heaven comes to earth.


for your astounding generosity this year, for entrusting our elders and leadership with your gifts and offerings, and most of all for saying ‘yes’ to all that God is doing through this local church in Auburn, Alabama.

Our prayer for 2023 is that our faith and generosity would be continually expanded and that the echo of every story we impact as a church would resonate with the cry of heaven and the headline of history: