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Prayer is the DNA and breath of not only our church but the big 'C' Church. We could not function without this incredible gift of approaching the throne of grace confidently (Heb. 4:16) because of Jesus Christ. Prayer sustains us and empowers us towards faithful action.


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Sunday serving is our most direct gateway to our people at church, that is why we have our volunteers being relational in the auditorium and outside, as well as available for prayer in multiple spots after the services. Not only do our volunteers pray over people, but they ask how they can continue to help them, if they are in a community group, and other specific helpful resources. 

Throughout the years we’ve had many difficult events happen, deaths, sicknesses, or wonderful events like births or marriage, that lead to needs from our members or the community. We want to help in whatever capacities we can by being aware and mindful of the needs. 

This is an overarching area, but also opportunities within it. As the body of believers, we know that we are called to encourage and empower those around us. This includes opportunities where several prayer members meet with individuals to pray over them, or intentionally praying over events, circumstances, or whatever comes up. In whatever capacity needed, we want to be available to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

A huge part of our church’s DNA is serving. We have passionate volunteers, and believe that a way we can help as the prayer team is serving with our time, resources, and prayers to help care for and encourage the organizations, volunteers, and leaders serving our community.


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