Video from Miles

If you haven’t already, take a moment to watch the video above by Miles, which provides an introduction to our Church at Home for this week.


Spiritual Gifts Primer

Prior to beginning the assessment, please view a video by our Youth Pastor, Tyler Miller, where he elaborates on the biblical foundation of spiritual gifts. This will provide a proper context for understanding their significance in the Bible.


Spiritual Gifts Assessment

After you’ve watched Tyler’s primer video, you’re ready to take the assessment! This should take about 5-10 minutes, and at the end you will receive individual scores for each of the spiritual gifts.


Post-Assessment Video

Once you’ve finished the assessment and have your results, watch the Post-Assessment video below to help you better understand and navigate your results.


Watch Gift Videos

After identifying your top 2-3 spiritual gift scores, watch the associated videos from the lists below that pertain to your gifts!


Resources and Questions

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find additional resources to further discussion and understanding as we walk through this together as a church family.



In this video, Tyler introduces the concept of spiritual gifts and stresses the importance of a unified language and framework within the church for discussing them. He highlights the need for Scripture to inform our spiritual experience and establishes a biblical foundation of spiritual gifts, emphasizing their use in love for the benefit of the body of Christ.



Take 5-10 minutes to complete the assessment! You will receive an email with a copy of your results to keep. We want to emphasize that this assessment is a tool and a starting point for us to begin a conversation - this is not the definitive word on your spiritual gift(s). As Tyler mentioned, we pray this creates a common language and starting place for our church family.


In this video, Tyler guides us in interpreting our spiritual assessment results, breaking them down into three categories: love gifts, word gifts, and power gifts. He provides insightful questions to help us discern our spiritual gifts and emphasizes their role in serving Christ and the Church.


Thank you for walking through this Church at Home with us! We know this teaching may be new or uncertain for many, but let’s humbly walk this out together as a church family! If you have any feedback, would like to share your thoughts on the teaching, or have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the information below, as well as some resources to continue your learning in this area. We are grateful to get to do this TOGETHER!



We’ve included some follow-up questions designed for reflection and discussion within your community. Take a moment to read and respond to these questions as they can serve as a valuable resource for advancing in the practical application of your spiritual gifts.


To deepen your understanding of spiritual gifts, we highly recommend “Convergence” by Jon Thompson as an excellent resource. 


If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the “King Jesus Gospel” message below, as it sets the stage for the direction our church is going!


As we step into this together as a church, we know this information may lead to discussions, thoughts, and raise questions, and we want to hear from you! If you have any feedback following your Church at Home experience, please let us know!




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Play Video about administration

Those who have been gifted in administration/guidance manage details, organize tasks, and support ministry operations with ease and joy. This gift directly influences the operation and outflow of God’s love through the church.

Play Video

Giving is a manifestation of God’s love through practical acts of generosity. It goes beyond mere wealth possession, emphasizing a spiritual capacity and inclination to give joyfully and with pure motives.

Play Video about mercy

The gift of mercy serves as a tangible embodiment of God’s love, expressed through practical acts of compassion and care such as visiting the sick, caring for the elderly, or aiding the poor. It involves cheerful service to those in need and a genuine empathy for those in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual distress.

Play Video about service / helps / hospitality

Service/Hospitality involves unselfishly meeting the practical needs of others and the Church. This gift encompasses a range of activities, from assisting with routine tasks to showing hospitality. Those with this gift are characterized by their willingness to help, their ability to see ways to assist without being told, and their enjoyment of behind-the-scenes and practical tasks.

Play Video about apostleship

The gift of apostleship carries special leadership capacity and is most effective with a unique commission by a local church. They function as pioneers in spaces where the Kingdom of God has not yet taken ground, playing a crucial role in advancing the Gospel.

Play Video about evangelism

Evangelism is a gift that involves a unique ability to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in compelling ways, resulting in people taking initial steps of salvation and formation in the faith.

Play Video about exhortation / encouragement

Exhortation or encouragement is a word gift that involves urging and guiding Christians to rightly apply what God has revealed in His Word. Those with this gift have the ability to apply biblical truth practically, helping others to navigate their faith journey with wisdom and compassion.

Play Video about leadership

Leadership or ruling is a word gift that involves the divine strength or ability to influence people at their level while directing and focusing them on the big picture, vision, or idea. This gift is about conceptualizing and emphasizing the ‘what and where,’ rather than the ‘how,’ and it plays a crucial role in guiding groups toward a common destination.

Play Video about pastoring

Pastoring is a word gift that involves the divine capacity to exercise concern and care for members of a group, encouraging their growth in Christ. Pastors are focused on shepherding and nurturing the spiritual development of others, providing long-term care, and investing in the well-being of their flock.

Play Video

The gift of teaching involves explaining and clarifying biblical truths, leading others to a deeper understanding and obedience to God’s Word. Teachers have a strong desire to uncover and convey the profound aspects of Scripture, fostering a deeper comprehension of God and His Kingdom.

Play Video about discernment of spirits

The Discernment of Spirits gift allows individuals to perceive the often-hidden spiritual source of a situation or behavior, distinguishing between divine, human, or demonic influences. This gift manifests as an ability to recognize inconsistencies, understand the spiritual roots of situations or people, and protect against heresy or false teaching.

Play Video about faith

Faith is a Spirit-given ability to see something God wants done and to sustain unwavering confidence that God will accomplish it, even in the face of formidable obstacles. It involves a supernatural conviction that God will reveal His power or mercy in a specific situation. This gift is distinct from common faith and can breathe life into various aspects of a church.

Play Video about gifts of healing

Gifts of Healing are Spirit-given abilities to recognize and release God’s power to heal. Those with these gifts are not indiscriminate healers but act as intermediaries for God’s healing power within the body of Christ.

Play Video about intercessory prayer

Intercessory Prayer involves a special ability to regularly pray for extended periods and see frequent, specific answers to these prayers. Those with this gift have an elevated pull towards praying for others.

Play Video about interpretation of tongues

Interpretation of Tongues is a revelatory gift that involves articulating, for the benefit of the community, the message spoken in tongues. This Spirit-inspired gift can be given either to the tongues-speaker or to another individual. Its purpose is to bring understanding to languages unknown to the speaker, edifying and deepening unity within the community.

Play Video about prophecy

Prophecy is a power gift involving the spontaneous, Spirit-inspired, intelligible communication of truth and revelation from God, usually delivered orally in a gathered assembly. Its purpose is to edify, encourage, and call people to a right relationship with God. Prophecy is focused on providing insight, correction, or perspective for specific situations, often in the present.

Play Video about tongues

Tongues involve Spirit-inspired utterances that are unintelligible to the speaker and other hearers. They can manifest as either human languages or a ‘prayer language’ directed toward God. This gift is not ecstatic or uncontrollable speech but should be under the speaker’s control. It is primarily a language of prayer and praise to God and should be used in a way that does not disrupt or distract others in the assembly.

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Words of Knowledge involve supernatural knowledge or factual information that could not be known without the Spirit’s aid. These words reveal divine workings and realities by the Spirit and are situational communications of information given for a specific moment. They release the activity of God in a situation, unlocking a work of God by revealing previously unknown information.

Play Video about words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom involve situational communications given by the Spirit to understand God’s will for a specific moment. These words provide direction and insight into God’s will and guide believers in a particular situation, releasing the activity of God.

Play Video about works of power

Works of Power involve the release of God’s supernatural power to demonstrate His uniqueness and alter the ordinary course of nature. This gift serves as a human intermediary through whom God performs powerful acts, perceived by witnesses as miraculous interventions.